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So, this is coming to an end. Our series of fifteen articles about our trip around South America has taken us to places and countries and I hope you are all enjoying it a lot. Brazil is our last country, and before this ends, we have another opportunity to get to know one of the most paradise-like places on the Atlantic coast! This time, we are coming to the amazing Pipa Beach!


We have been to other beaches in Santa Marta, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro and – most recently – to Salvador. But believe me that Pipa and its surroundings are something else! Pipa Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Brazil. Located next to city of Natal, the capital city of state of Rio Grande do Norte, it is located more precisely in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, exactly 84 km from the capital of the state.

But wait a minute – So far we have mainly been to cities and wide regions in all the countries, so why is this an article dedicated only to a single beach? Well, first of all, I’m dead serious when I mean that Pipa is something else; secondly, there are some other areas around here; and the best thing – it’s all about nature. All attractions are put here to help you relax, have fun and enjoy the weather. And the good thing is – around this region of the globe, due to being a tropical zone – the weather is awesome at any time of the year!

First thing you would like to start with will be about watching some incredible species of the local fauna. Pipa has an ecological sanctuary and the birds of the area are to die for, apart from the Dolphin Bay, a place known as an amazing site to spot dolphins in their mating season. Get that together with the adventure park and you can try on some extreme sports like crossing some areas in an aerial trek at 50 feet from the ground. If you’re not into so much exercise, you can go on tour in a buggy that are offered in pretty much any hotel and you can ride into the local villages and some of the beaches and dunes.


Or, you can also take your own sweet time to go to the top of the Chapadão cliff in the main beach, because that is a kind of formation that you won’t find anywhere else in South America, as most cities along the coast line are in the same line as the ocean. After that, try going for a walk along the seaside and be amazed as how long and clean it all is. I bet you won’t feel as connected to nature anywhere else. You can also do that by bike, as there are some places where you can rent one for the day at small prices. Reward yourself with a calm and relaxed swim.

For the hungry ones, There are several typical restaurants that offer amazing meals from the finest local cuisine, so don’t worry about picking, because any choice you make will leave you satisfied! Give some preference to the dishes with fish cooked in coconut milk. And after you are satisfied, we are going to another great landscape that can be seen from the space – the Lençóis Maranhenses region!

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