Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 1 – Dublin

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Welcome to the fair city of Dublin, our first stop in our European tour in 15 days!

Good news about Dublin: it has become a much cheaper city than it was even four years ago. You will find much to do and at quite a low cost! Dublin’s city centre is actually fairly small, the hub consists of a mere few streets. However, you will soon realise that size does not matter and that the bustle of the city is more than exciting. One of the main free attractions is Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university containing fantastic building worth seeing, you can even slip into one of the amphitheatres and attend one of the classes. Stroll across the beautiful campus and you might even make yourself a few friends among the students there. The Irish are anything but shy and it will not be long before they start talking to you. This will prove itself even truer if you hit Temple Bar in Dublin 2. This district is the most famous one of Dublin and you are guaranteed to find, between the numerous pubs, street shows, people singing, dancing or who knows what else?

If you feel like escaping the city life for a few hours, you can reach Phoenix Park by bus (€2.20). This huge green area is a haven of peace in the capital and it is also where the residences of personalities such as the President of Ireland or the ambassador of the United States are located.

Eating & sleeping

You can eat cheap in most fast-food restaurants, however it is usually a better value to go to a traditional Irish pub. There, you can get the stew of the day for as little as €5.00, which is often homemade. To quench your thirst, I recommend you try out the Porter House. They brew their own beer and offer an infinite selection of oddities – including chocolate beer or oyster beer! Expect about €3.00 for half a pint.

The cheapest way to stay overnight is to book a room in Barnacles Temple Bar House. You can get a bed in a dormitory for only €10.00 and you are but a few steps from the commotion.

Leaving the Green Island

As we are about to head to England, it is time to get back to Dublin airport, a few minutes away by bus (€2.20). Aer Lingus offers daily trips to London for €40.00 per person. Two hours later, you will have landed in Heathrow or Gatwick airport, both nearby London.
If you have any more tips to share on how to travel, get accommodation or simply have a good time in Dublin, please share them in the comments below!

Total spent: €54.40 (+ drinks & meals – about €20.00)

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