Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 13 – Prague

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Prague Central Station. Although Prague is a large city, most of the sightseeing could be done in Prague 1, which will save you some koruna on transportation. And because it is a large city, there is a lot to see and visit, therefore you will want to select the things you really don’t want to miss out on or you can simply follow our guide.

Always time for an orloj

On the left bank of the river splitting Prague vertically, you should start with the Petřin Hill, which stands in the heart of the city and gives you a great view of all of Prague. Walking down the hill on the north side, you will encounter the Prague Castle. You can visit it for 350.00 CZK. In the same area stands the Lennon Wall, covered in graffiti and lyrics of the Beatles. Continuing eastward, toward the Vltava River, you might recognise the Charles Bridge, possibly the best-known bridge of Europe. After crossing the historical bridge, follow Karlora and you will end up on the Old Town Square, bustling with tourists and for a reason. This is the one of the most beautiful areas of Prague and the theatre of the Astromical Clock, masterpiece of clockwork. Finally, walking further east you will be lead to the Charles University a leading pool of education and an architectural experience. This is how much there is to see in Prague and without spending a koruna!


Since we have been saving so much on tourist attractions, we can focus on the nice regional specialties. The Czech Republic is known for its beer (pivo), arguably the best one here is Gambrinus. Smoked fish is also a popular entree, but if you want to eat a dish that is really unusual, have some headcheese. For more Czech specialties at a fair price, check out Klub Architektů

That was it for Prague, we will discover some of the Bohemia region by train; direction Vienna. Book your train ticket online, there are several journeys available and it only takes you 5 hours to reach Austria. Enjoy the beautiful landscape while you are at it!

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Total spent, inc. travel: 1,085.00 CZK/€44.50 (food & drinks: 360.00 CZK/ €15.00)

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