Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 14 – Vienna

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Is it not of the utmost romance to travel across Europe by train? I hope you enjoyed your trip to Vienna. As soon as you leave the central station, you will start to wonder if Vienna is an actual city or a museum; not only is it especially clean, but it seems almost all of the buildings are historical in some way. You will be spending a lot of time looking upwards!


If you took a morning train, you are probably getting hungry. Vienna is famous around the world for its Wiener Schnitzel, a slice of veal coated in breadcrumbs. In a minuscule pedestrian side street stands the restaurant Figlmüller, beloved by tourists and Austrians alike. The traditional dish is served for €13.90. If you can still eat after that consequent lunch, head for Albertinaplatz, where the Café Mozart is found. Austrians are proud of their café culture and the refinement of their premises. A slice of Sachertorte will do nicely with your Kanne of coffee.

Time to hit the town

I hope you can still get off your chair after so much eating – there will be a lot of walking involved in the next few hours! Right across the street stands the Albertina Museum. It always displays fantastic temporary collections, although you have to pay the price for them (€9.50). From there, walk Josefsplatz all the way up to Hofburg Palace. Again the admission fees are pricey – €10.50 – yet you should at least see it from the outside (for free). Eastwards, you can find St Stephen’s Cathedral, probably the hub of Vienna, with many souvenirs to buy or shopping to do. Be sure that you will not be alone around here! Right behind the cathedral, the Mozarthaus is located, where the composer used to live. Another €10.00 if you feel like peeking in. Some 2 kilometres eastwards stands an uncanny piece of architecture – the Hundertwasserhaus. The façades are the most interesting parts of the building and if your curiosity needs to be satisfied, you can get in the main hall and the back garden for free. Going south for the Belvederegarten, you will find a huge park with in its midst the Belevedere Palace – admission to the park is free. Finally, I advise you to walk along Opernring, arguably the most beautiful street in the Austrian capital, which the notable Opera House is also in.

Should you stay overnight, book a bed in the hostel Hütteldorf for the bargain price of €12.00. It lies in the western part of the city. Our journey is soon coming to an end – the last city we are visiting is quite remote and will require you to book a flight. For about €80.00, you can make Vienna-Athens in just over 2 hours.

If you have an insider tip you would like to give our readers, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Total spent, inc. travel: €103.90 (food & drinks: €25.00)

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