Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 15 – Athens

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Were you starting to get worried about the lack of sun and beaches over the last few days? Your fears can be allayed; Greece is a typical paradisical destination! You can reach the centre of Athens from the airport by train for €6.00. Then a 24-hour transport card only costs €4.00, whether you want it is your decision.

The best city to spend Euros!

Overall, Athens is one of the cheapest cities of the selected 15 in this guide. You can then get a lot for the Euros you have left. For instance, try a cheap and tasty snack – the Souvlaki, even better when served in Pina bread. It consists of grilled meat, with vegetables and tzatziki. All for around €1.00 in most places. You probably will want to scout the city for the best cafés – as you might know, frappés are a Greek specialty and you cannot skip the experience. Chances are it will be the best frappe of your life! One of the nicest places to go is Zonar’s, a high-street café, yet affordable, with a fantastic view and appetising pastries.

Where all philosophy started

As the cradle of Europe, Greece has a long and rich history, therefore a large amount of historical sites to lay your eyes on. The majestic Mount Lycabettus offers a unique view all over Athens, and a small hiking experience on its ascension. Southwards, the Acropolis is erected in a garden of ruins, among which temples, columns and other vestiges of Ancient Greece. It is hard to fathom how long these structures have been standing there – the building of men that has been around for millenniums. You may want to visit the museum, with admission fees of €5.00. Northwest lies the Ancient Agora, another site of ruins and traces of history. When you have satisfied your lust for culture, it is time to get lost in the old parts of town. The neighbourhood is known as Plaka and should fulfil your expectations of Athens; narrow streets, typical architecture and the whole thing built as a labyrinth. Take the time to swing by the Academy of Athens – don’t you feel like the wisdom of Plato is running through you?

The nearest beach you are to reach is called Alimos, 10 km south from Athens. Granted it is not the quietest beach in Greece, but it is easy to reach with public transports. Enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea!

What did you do in Athens? Share your experience with us in the comment section below!

Total spent, inc. travel: €22.00 (food & drinks: €10.00)

This is the end of our adventure – I hope you enjoyed it. There are other cities worth visiting, such as Krakow, Poland; Hamburg, Germany; Ljubljana, Slovenia or Oslo, Norway, among many, many other ones. It would take a lifetime to explore all of them! These 15 days were but a sample of what Europe has to offer and the multitude of secrets it contains.

It is time to do the maths – how much did the trip cost? In total, the “food & drinks” expenses were covered with €247.00 – just over €16.00 a day. The travels and accommodation costs accounted for €1,108.31. That’s a total of… *rolling drums*… €1,355.31 – we made it! €144.69 less than scheduled and an average of just over €90.00 per day. Challenge accomplished! You even have enough leftover to buy souvenirs and send postcards.

Thanks for reading this guide!

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