Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 2 – London

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London will make you feel that Dublin was a mere village. The capital city of England is the biggest in Europe in term of population. Enjoy your day!

If you land in Heathrow, it is definitely easier and cheaper to make your way to London. For only £2.20, you can get a train to London’s city centre and the service is ongoing every 10 minutes for a 20-minute journey. From Gatwick, you will need about 30 minutes and £18.00.

1,001 steps in London

As previously mentioned, London is quite a big city and you probably will have a hard time walking it through. The best deal is to buy yourself an all-day card for £8.00 (Zones 1-2). This will take you to all the major attractions of London. Among many others, the clock tower Big Ben, the suspension bridge Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, fortress of the Crown Jewels or Saint-Paul Cathedral and its legendary “whispering gallery.” Standing under the massive dome, you will be able to hear people standing diametrically across, even when murmuring.

For outdoor activities, you can enjoy a stroll across Hyde Park, the lung of London and its biggest park. Trafalgar Square is famous for its pigeons in quite impressive amount and Nelson’s Column. Following The Mall, you will reach Buckingham Palace, where the Royal wedding took place a couple of months ago. Literature fanatics will want to see the Globe Theatre on the Southbank, a circular building where Shakespeare used to give representations – a landmark of theatrical history. The list of places of interest in London could go on and on – this is just a mere sample of the most famous locations.

Break time

While you are on the Southbank, you should check out Saint Christopher’s Inn, one of the cheapest youth hostels you can get in Central London (£8.00). If you need to recover and grab a nice hot meal, I would recommend the George Inn, the last coaching inn in London. The settings beautiful and the food affordable (£10.00) – quite a bargain in one of the most expensive cities of Europe.

That was it for London! Time to head for France, but this time flying is not the cheaper option. Book a car share from London to Portsmouth for some £10.00 and make sure you get there by 8:00 AM. LD Lines offers a £25.00 journey to Le Havre at 8:30. Don’t miss your ferry boat!
You are of course welcome to post some suggestions below on how to enjoy London at little to no cost. We are looking forward to reading you soon!

Total spent, inc. travel: £53.20/€60.00 (+ drinks & meals – about £12.00/€13.00)

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