Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 5 – Lisbon

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Beautiful Lisbon. Not only will you enjoy the same warmth you did in Spain, but you also have the Atlantic Ocean to behold which will ensure a constant breeze through the city. But enough talking about the weather, let us get down to Lisbon itself and reveal a few tips you want to know about it.

Much walking ahead!

Like Dublin, Lisbon is a small city for a capital, which means you can reach almost everything by foot. This is good news, because Lisbon is a very pleasant city to have a walk in. The city has many “miradouro”, terraces from which you have a fantastic overview. Among the trendiest districts, “Baixa” is the city centre where most activity happens in the daytime, while “Bairro Alto” is the place to be as sun sets. Alternative music, hectic night and erratic people are as much as you should expect there. You will probably learn some colloquial Portuguese as well, so keep your ears wide open!

As far as sightseeing goes, the Belém Tower, built in 1515, is probably THE best know building in Lisbon. Right next to it, is the Jerónimos Monastry, a colossal building that you could hardly miss! Should you feel like visiting, you could buy a combined ticket for both edifices for €10.00. Overhanging the capital, the Castle of São Jorge is another tourist attraction you cannot afford to overlook. The fortifications make a great viewpoint. For more recent constructions, try the local streetcars. Tram 28 has been running since 1901 and it will cost you but a euro to hop in. Unlike most European cities, Lisbon has preserved its streetcar system in the 1950s, making it one of the oldest one in the world! Even more modern, the Vasco da Gama bridge, a 17-kilometre long bridge goes across the creek. Whether you like it or not is a matter of taste, it remains however one of the biggest bridges in the world.

Food, drinks & music

Again, hostels are the cheapest alternative for accommodation. Good news for you – we have a nice one for you for only €10.50 a night! Look for “Next Hostel”(, friendly staff, clean dorms and breakfast included – why would you get a suite in a hotel? If you need a snack to keep on walking through the streets of Lisbon, you should try “Bacalhau à Bras”, made from cod fish, one of the specialities of Lisbon and very affordable. If you have been craving for a nice coffee, what you must order is called “bica” – a strong black coffee, the real taste of beans. It can be bought in most cafés.

One last cultural note – do you know what “fado” is? It is a style of music that is incredibly melancholic, originating from Portugal. You will have to pay some €15.00 to see a live show in a “casa de fado”, although chances are that you hear some singers in the street performing some.

Well, that was it for Lisbon, was it not great? We are now heading across the Mediterranean Sea, direction Rome! Several bus lines will take you to the aeroporto Lisboa for only €1.50 (if you have small luggage). Alternatively, you can get one of the airport’s coaches for €3.50, with all the space you want, commuting every 20 minutes. The cheapest flight for Rome is provided by EasyJet and leaves at 11:40 AM to Rome (4-hour flight) for €88.00.

Anything you want to add? All suggestions are more than welcome, please share your tips below.

Total spent, inc. travel: €110.00 (food & drinks: €10.00)

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