Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 6 – Rome

Bellissima Italia! It is such a thrill to be in Italy, cultural swarming with oodles of sites and places to discover. But first, we need to get out of the Fiumicino airport, and reach Rome, which is quite far. There is no need to panic though; here is what we do. First, find a newsagent in the airport to buy your Cotral bus ticket, which is cheaper than buying it directly from the bus driver (€4.50). Be aware that the bus ride is about an hour.

Nella città

Like Lisbon, Rome is a city you will enjoy by foot better than on a bus. The weather is nice and the streets pleasant, so pack some good shoes to walk in. What you most likely know from Rome is the Colosseum. Getting in is a bit pricey, so perhaps it is best to enjoy it from outside. It will cost you €12.00 for a full-price ticket. Whilst strolling through Rome, you simply have to climb the Spanish Steps, a very animated area in Rome, which will also lead you to a haven of peace: the Villa Borghese. It is hard to believe you are still in the heart of Rome when beholding the beauty and the serenity of this park. Another symbol of Rome is the Trevi Fountain. It is a well-spread tradition to throw a few coins in it, however if you need funding for your European tour, know that taking coins out of it is not illegal. Granted, you will come across as petty, yet it is still an option. Remember to cast a glimpse at the famous Pantheon and muster whatever energy you have left to ascend the Palatine Hill– many ruins of the Ancient Rome are to be seen there.

Delicacies of all sorts

Italian food is known worldwide and its terminology has made its way into most languages. Time to compare what you can get at home to the real thing! You have to try a slice of pizza before you leave. Cheap and tasty, it would be a crime to overlook it. You can find them absolutely everywhere. For your sweet tooth, I recommend Giolitti, one of the Romans’ favourite gelaterie (ice-cream parlour). Of course, this ice-cream will go down even better if you savour it with an espresso!

If you do not spend all of the night partying, one of the nicest hostels in Rome is Rome City Hostel in Tiburtino, where you can spend the night from €11.00.

Our next destination, Zurich, Switzerland is quite far away, but you can make it for a reasonable price by car sharing. Since the number of commuters is not that high, it is a good idea to book it early enough in advance, especially as you might need 2 trips (e.g. Rome-Milan & Milan-Zurich) All in all, you should be able to cover the fees with about €50.00.

Anything you want to add to our Italian adventure? All suggestions are more than welcome; please share your tips below.

Total spent, inc. travel: €65,50 (food & drinks: €20.00)

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