Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 7 – Zurich

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Switzerland is such a unique country for so many reasons. It is somewhat a rebellious land in the middle of the European Union. The Swiss are proud of their neutrality and independence as you will soon find out. As a tourist, it does not make much of a difference, except that your Euros will not be accepted here – remember to stop by at the bureau de change!

Mountains, lakes & chocolate

Even though Zurich is not the capital of Switzerland, it is the most populated city and it has a lot to offer. However, you will discover the charm of Switzerland way before entering Zurich. If you have been following this guide, you should arrive by car. This is a great opportunity to experience the relief of the Alps (and overcoming your vertigo) while admiring fantastic landscapes of mountains, fir trees and lakes.

Like most cities in Switzerland, Zurich is located near a major lake, which bears the same name as the city. What is more enjoyable than a walk along the shores of the quiet lake, as if time were standing still? Along the way, you will come across green areas, most notably the China Garden on the east coast or the arboretum on the west coast.

In the city centre, the Altstadt (old town district) is one the most popular areas with beautiful houses to behold and paved streets to walk through. In the north-east part of the city stands the University of Zurich whose architecture should raise your interest. About 2 km south on the west coast of the lake lies the village of Kilchberg which is quite famous for being the cradle of chocolate manufacturers Lindt & Sprüngli! Although you cannot visit the chocolate factories, the smell emanating from them and the omnipresence of chocolate should satisfy your appetite.

Should you feel like hiking for an hour or two, head towards Uetliberg, a 900-meter high chain of hills which has the best view over Zurich. Don’t forget to climb the tower at “Hochwacht” to get a better glimpse. Beware though – the tower can be shaky when the wind is up!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: chocolate!

Accommodation is unfortunately quite pricey in Switzerland and it is even truer in Zurich. A bed in a dorm will still cost you at least €30.00. I would suggest you (City Backpacker – Hotel Biber), which is nice, clean and affordable (€32.00). Expect to pay another €2.00 if you need bed sheets.

Swiss cuisine benefits from German, French and Italian influences, needless to say it is one of the finest in world! Once you have consumed all the chocolate your liver can tolerate, try dried meat and cheese. 2. Akt is a very trendy place to go in the city centre, especially to meet young people. Good mood and cheap food!

Now, while you still have your new German words in mind, time to head to Berlin! And to do so, we will use no other than… Air Berlin The earliest flight (6:35 AM) is the cheapest – €60.00 and will take you to Berlin bang on time for breakfast (8:00).

Anything you want to add to our Swiss trip? All tips are helpful; please share them below.

Total spent, inc. travel: €94,00 (food & drinks: €25.00)

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