Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 8 – Berlin

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Berlin Schönefeld Airport – willkommen! After Zurich, Berlin will come across as quite an extreme change – it is a completely different city. A lot more eclectic and erratic. To get the flavour of the German capital, which is a big European city, you need to get yourself a day pass: go for the €6.80 one (zones ABC) which will cover all of your journeys until tomorrow morning 3 AM.

Discovering Berlin

Since it is pretty early, let us get the touring starting right now. Out from U-Bahn Warschauerstraße station, you can see remains of what used to be the Berlin Wall (Mühlenstraße). What is still standing has become a support for all sorts of artwork. The mood is as unique as can be – the weight of a hurting past mixed with hopes for a better future along the Spree River. In the centre of Berlin, look out for Potsdamer Platz, which has been recently refurbished and looks quite futuristic. There are also a few big brands if you are in a shopping mood. Continuing westwards, you will encounter the famous Brandenburg Gate (Tor in German), the symbol of Berlin and the threshold to “Unter Den Linden”. It is possibly one of the nicest streets in Berlin – literally “under the linden trees”. Walking down it, you will come across Friedrichstraße, another major street that is known for being the theatre of the former Checkpoint Charlie, one of the main gateway between the two Berlins.
Back on “Unter Den Linden”, keep walking and you will end up in the “Tiergarten”, the biggest park in Berlin, also home to a zoo and much more to see. Our next station is the Schloss Charlottenburg, which is a bit far; so I recommend you use your day pass. A ticket to visit the palace is €15.00; it is however definitely worth it.

Beer. Bier? Beer.

Generally speaking, Germany is quite cheap compared to the rest of Europe as far as food and hotels are concerned. You can book a bed in Singer 109 apartment-hostel for mere €8.00 (!) and it is not even located outside Berlin (real good news). If you want to eat on the go, try some Currywurst, which can be bought almost everywhere for a few Euros. One of the most famous Currywurst outlets is Curry 36. And, of course, you must have a pint of German beer – the local one is called “Berliner Weisse).” Prost!

On the morning of your departure, consider putting on a long-sleeve t-shirt: we are now driving to Scandinavia! Although flying would be faster, the cheapest way to reach Copenhagen is to use car sharing – you will make it in a few hours and for approximately €40.00!

If you have some personal experience about Berlin and all the fun it has to offer, we are interested! Please write all about it below.

Total spent, inc. travel: €55,80 (food & drinks: €15.00)

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