Travelling across Europe in 15 days: Day 9 – Copenhagen

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The temperature keeps on dropping as we are continuing our European trip, but it is worthwhile, is it not? Copenhagen is one of these cities that is often underrated or unknown. It may not be the biggest city in Europe, but it would be such a shame to miss out on it – here are the reasons why!

Bring some crowns!

Besides the friendliness and the outstanding English of the Danes, the omnipresence of canals and green areas make Copenhagen an incredibly serene city. And, as it is not that huge, you can walk everywhere – no bus or train ticket needed. If you were lucky enough to secure a car share, you were probably dropped off in the city centre.

So, before we head out and explore, let us sort out accommodation. For 135.00 DKK, you can stay at Danhostel, which is a top-class place to stay in. The hostel is pretty central to all of the conveniences you’ll want and need in Copenhagen. Next, what’s to eat and drink? Obviously a Danish hotdog! You can try the røde pølser (red sausage) from one of the pølsevogn, a cart where you can get hotdogs and they are indeed almost everywhere. If you happen to feel somewhat blotted after too many hotdogs, have a Carlsberg or an Ale no.16 – two of the nationally brewed beers.

Den Lille Havfrue

Since you are now full of energy (and sausages), time to do some exploring! Everything we will be looking at is very central – good news for your feet. The Rosenborg Castle is a fantastic piece of architecture, well worth visiting (75.00 DKK), especially the mirror-room. The Christianborg Palace is another major edifice in Copenhagen that you should at least see, even if you do not visit it. While you are at it, make your way to the Marmorkirken (the biggest cathedral in the city). If you are on a shopping spree, know that Strøget is famous for being the longest malls in Europe – there is nothing you can’t find here! Finally, explore the docks from Nyhavn all the way up to Langelinie, where you can see the Little Mermaid, a character eponymous of the tale from Andersen.

Now that you have fallen in love with Scandinavia, time to see some of it! We are going to go to Stockholm by bus, a 10-hour drive, yet it is a cheap and fun way to travel. Book your ticket with Swebus for 389.00 DKK.

How was your trip to Copenhagen? Would you like to share some tips with our readers and ourselves? Please do! We are looking forward to reading them.

Total spent, inc. travel: 599.00 DKK/€80.00 (food & drinks: 100.00 DKK/ €14.00)

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