Travelling across South America in 15 Days – Day 1: Santa Marta, Colombia

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With your tickets booked to the Simón Bolívar International Airport, Start your amazing journey across South America in the capital of the Magdalena state of Colombia, Santa Marta.

El Rodadero beach, Santa Marta.

800px-123_Cabo_San_Juan_Tayrona_ParkIf you’re not so much into camping, you should skip to the next paragraph. But if you’re that much into beautiful beaches that you take the challenge of walking in the forest for a few hours in a natural reserve with one of the most breathtaking shores that you will ever see, the Tayrona Park is right where you need to be! And it is also worth staying for a few days, specially if you are travelling with a nice group of friends. Bring your tent, a nice air mattress, your swimsuit and enjoy the beautiful nature of this very wild place. And don’t forget the camera!

If you are more into relaxing, Santa Marta also has beautiful beaches within the urban area. The main one is Taganga beach, where you can sit on a chair and enjoy the sun with a glass of Mango Juice, coconut water or a nice shrimp ceviche. At night, the Parque de los novios is a nightlife meeting point of the citizens and tourists, where everybody just wants to enjoy the nice weather, have a few drinks and meet new people. Also, Santa Marta is known for having many exciting hostels, including La Brisa Loca Hostel, an amazing place with an indoor pool and the best customer service I’ve ever seen!

media-52671-189305Santa Marta is also a very nice place to buy nice local products, such as handcrafted jewelry or the traditional aruaca bags, disclaimed as made of natural wool and knitted by artisans of the native tribes of the region, and one of the most Colombian accessories you may find. Although the prices are fair (and changing money from most currencies to the Colombian Peso will leave you rich) you may also put your bargaining skills into practice to guarantee some nice discounts!

In a general view, Santa Marta is the place where you can let yourself go and enjoy the surprises without the stress of sticking to an itinerary. Just take your time, enjoy the city and get prepared for a true exhibition of life quality – because our next stop is the amazing city of Medellín!

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