Travelling across South America in 15 Days – Day 6: La Paz, Bolivia

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This is the sixth place in South America you will never forget. So far you’ve been to, roughly, three countries – Colombia, Ecuador, Peru – and at least five cities – Santa Marta, Medellín, Quito, Lima and Cusco. And it’s a great thing that this is a trip and not a competition for the most incredible landscape of this region of the American continent – otherwise things at this point would get fierce!

Bolivia is a big portion of land in the core of South America – it has a total population of about ten million citizens and it is a Spanish speaking country. The city we are visiting in the guide is neither the capital (Sucre) nor the largest city (Santa Cruz de la Sierra), but La Paz, which is the third most populous city of the country and a geographical strategic city for the trip for the places that it’s surrounded by. Bolivia, apart from the culture and traditions is also very famous for its natural beauties.


We are going to start easily, with a visit to the Titicaca Lake, the largest lake of South America which has the smaller part in the territory of Bolivia and the bigger one still in Peru. It is believed to be where the Inca civilization started, among others. You can understand this hypothesis because of the abundant flora and the still remaining ruins surrounding the area, such as Tiwanaku, an ancient region that grew to urban proportions between the 7th and 9th century, representing the greatest megalithic architectural achievement of Pre-Inca South America. Over there, the Copacabana resort is the favorite for tourists and locals.


Another place you can definitely not miss if you go to Bolivia (and I’m dead serious about this one) is the sand desert of Uyuni: about 500km away from La Paz is one of the most heavenly places on Earth. Looking from the distance it looks like an immense mirror in the middle of nowhere – and all you can see reflected in it is the sky. If it doesn’t give you the sense of being floating in the infinity, I don’t know what will. It is a little far from urban areas, but it is definitely worth the trip.

Apart from those, there are other more local activities around the city of La Paz – such as defying death on a ride through the world’s most dangerous road for its yearly number of deaths by sliding (as its visitors like to call it, “Death Road”), do some browsing at the Witches Market or some bargaining at El Alto Market and visiting some of the many museums. And once you’re done with all of that head southwest because the next stop is in Chile!

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