Travelling across South America in 15 Days – Day 8: Patagonia

This is an amazing occasion: If you get to this point, you came as low as you will ever go – and I mean literally, the half of your trip is in the most southern habitable place in the world! After Patagonia there is only ice and more ice!

If you have been paying attention and checking the course of our trip on the South American map, you can tell by now that we started in the northern part of the region (with the beaches and parks of Santa Marta, remember?), crossed the middle of the world in Ecuador, been to a few bits of land in Peru, Bolivia and Chile and now cannot go south anymore. From here we can only go back north, but this time to the east coast and meeting new countries and cities! But before we do that, let’s enjoy this icy paradise for a while.

The region of Patagonia is like nothing else in the world: it is within the territory of two different countries (Chile and Argentina), it is touched by two different oceans (Pacific to the west and Atlantic to the east), it has Mountains, rivers, islands, glaciers and other incredible natural formations that will surely leave you breathless. The trip in here is best enjoyed if you focus on appreciating the natural spots and do open-air activities. And of course we gathered the best ones for you.

In the Punta Tombo peninsula you can dedicate a few hours to witness the natural habitat of several species of penguins and their habits, including feeding, mating and nesting their eggs. It is a protected and natural reserve, but also open for tourists. And speaking of reserve, the Torres del Paine National Park is also a great place to hike and taking some awesome pictures of the mountains. Of course it is not the only place to do that, as the Tierra del Fuego National Park is also great for hiking and riding bikes that you can rent at the place. When you feel tired you can have a rest at Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the entire world!

And as if those weren’t enough real performances of nature, you can go down to the Beagle Channel to appreciate the amazing glaciers – beautiful icy formations by the sea – and the area marked by the union of the waters of the Pacific with the Atlantic oceans.

This trip is one that will definitely change your life. The nature will make you small, the beauties will humble you. Please promise yourself that you will go there as soon as you can and you cannot die before having an experience like that. And once you’re done, head south again, our next stop will be the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires!

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