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After eight exciting days of travelling from the north to the south across the Pacific coast of South America, it is time to go north again along the other side of the region. After having an incredible stay in the region of Patagonia, this time we are going to the capital of Argentina to get to know the exciting places to be and things to do and see!

Argentina is the largest country of the Southern cone (group of countries represented by Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) and one of the most charming countries of South America. Apart from having a very particular Spanish accent, Argentina is also very pleasant for the southern weather, which is less tropical than the majority of the countries in Latin America. Therefore, during the Spanish colonization, most European colonies fixed their bases in the region of Argentina and the south of Brazil. Their currency is the Argentinian Peso, which plays in your favor if you are coming from Europe or North America, but in general the living costs are pretty reasonable.

Argentina is the country of Tango (in the same way Colombia is for Salsa). Carlos Gardel, deceased in 1935, was an Argentinian Tango singer and his legacy can still be seen in the bars and clubs of the city. You can experience the rhythm either by trying it out in a local Tango studio or by going to the Carlos Gardel House Museum. And by the way of famous people, you can also take advantage of your time in Buenos Aires to learn about Evita Perón – first lady of Argentina from 1946 to 1952 – either by visiting the Casa Rosada, home of all Argentina’s presidents or by finding her grave. She was loved by the Argentinians for speaking up for the labor party and women rights. Her grave is in the famous La Recoleta Cemetery. There is also the Evita Perón Fine Arts Museum in the city of Córdoba, not very far away from the capital.

For more jolly and playful activities you can always go to open air markets and activities, giving special attention to the following ones:

– Understand the gaúcho culture at the Mataderos Fair;
– Trying out the street market of San Telmo for local products, delicacies and souvenirs;
– Sitting on the bench with the statue of Mafalda, main character of the famous comic strips written by Argentinian cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado;
– Visiting the colored houses of La Boca neighborhood.

The southern region of South America is also known for its plains which, in opposition to the mountains of the north, means that there is plenty of space to breed cows that need minimum effort to feed and it keeps their meat soft and tender. That plays a very important part in the cuisine of the area, because one very nice thing to do in Buenos Aires is to try a steak in a local parrilla restaurant.

Talking about foods, you definitely want to try some pastries there – for Argentina is known for its dulce de leche (a syrup made of milk and sugar that looks like caramel). From Medialunas to Alfajores you cannot miss the opportunity to gain a little pleasure-weigh. And when you are done with all the wonders of the city, pack your bags and go north because the next stop is in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo!

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