Travelling around Europe: Cheaper and easier than you think!

They say travelling is the only thing you can buy which actually makes you richer. Well, I have to agree with it and fortunately travelling is not a luxury anymore, at least not in Europe. The way of travelling has changed a lot in the last few years and it became available for everyone. Personally, I believe that travelling, meeting other cultures and making friends from other countries is the best way of creating a united Europe. So let’s see some ways of travelling cheap!

First of all: fly smart! Europe is the home of low cost airlines which offer flights for a bit more than the taxes. The most famous (or rather infamous) and popular one is the Irish Ryanair which operates over 1500 flights per day. Ryanair is a typical example of the no-frills airlines (non-reclining seats, no seat-back pockets, they do not offer connection flights, no compensation for missing a flight, less toilets-more seats etc.) which allows them to keep their fares really low. Sometimes you can book flights for only 1 euro (without taxes)! There are other low cost airlines offering very reasonable fares, like EasyJet, German Wings, Vueling, Wizz Air and many more. It is advisable to check their websites often because the good offers are sold out quickly. 🙂

After arriving to a destination, you need a place to stay. Have you heard of CouchSurfing? It is the world’s largest travelling community and the idea behind is basically sharing your home with travelers and building a network by making new friends. It is not just about accommodation but it is a whole new way of “being a tourist”. Living with locals, eating homemade food, exploring new places with the help of your hosts means to see the “real face” of a city/country and is a lifetime experience. Not to mention that it is for FREE. But if you wouldn’t feel comfortable to stay at a stranger’s houses, you can book a hostel. There are websites (, which offer a lot of hostels and even in the most expensive cities of Europe you can find hostels for 10-15 euros.

When you have accommodation, there is nothing left but enjoying your holidays. Obviously there are some cultural and historical attractions, museums which are ‘must-sees’ and sometimes are quite pricey. If you would like to save some money on sightseeing, more and more cities offer for example free walking-tours when volunteers guide you around the city and you can tip them if you liked the tour.

So don’t hesitate, book a flight/train or hitchhike, discover new places, meet new people and create unforgettable memories because travelling can be cheaper than you think! Bon voyage!

Do you like travelling? Where would you like to go next?


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