Travelling cheaply in Paris: some additional tips (1)

Now that you are aware of the main ways of saving money in France, when using public transport or for cheap accommodation and museums (re. article How to Travel Cheaper in France?), I would like to share some more tips which made my life easier and cheaper when I was living in Paris.

Eating out cheaply
Eating out in Paris is often quite expensive, especially for those who are interested the so-called “French cuisine”. The following service will allow you to save up to 50% of the bill while enjoying a meal in top restaurants in Paris and the rest of France. It is called and includes a wide range of restaurants of all kinds (French food of course, but also pizza restaurants, sushi places…).
To find the list of discounts, go to the website, choose a city (you will find the best offers in Paris), then click on the « Promotions » tag at the top of the list of restaurants. Special offers for each restaurant will appear in red. Be careful to read the offer from beginning to end by clicking on the link to avoid a bad surprise! Once you have chosen a place, click on « Réserver », specify the time and date as well as the number of guests, and complete the reservation by giving your contact details. Now you can enjoy your meal!

If you a looking for something more informal and laid-back, free couscous is another idea to eat cheaply in Paris. There are several in Paris, mostly towards the end of the week. To attract more customers, these places (mainly bars) offer a portion of couscous or of mussels and chips to all customers who buy a drink (around 3.5 euros for a pint of beer). The portions are relatively big, staff are welcoming and, very often, you will share a table with complete strangers – an ideal way of meeting people! Just remember to arrive early as these places fill up quite fast. You will find the list of free couscous in Paris by searching « couscous gratuits Paris » in

I would enjoy reading your tips too!

The second part of the article will focus on tips to go the theatre or to the cinema in Paris at a reduced price.


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