Travelling: The difference between work and pleasure!

Have you ever travelled abroad for holiday or for work?

If you are an observant person, you surely have noticed some differences to your own country.

When you travel abroad for holidays you are more in the mood to get to know another culture than when you travel for work.

In the first case everything seems amazing and you can almost breathe a kind of freedom from your daily routine. You know that it is going to be just for a short period, therefore you try to enjoy every single moment and make it special for the rest of your life. In this mood you are open to find the differences with your culture, often in a positive way.

When you travel for work, it is definitely different. You know that you are going to be in that place for a longer period.
Hence, you might take time to explore that city/area, but the first and most important thing is your work experience. It will take most of your daytime (if you work as a full-time employee), so you can actually visit that place in the evenings or on the weekends. In this spare time are you really in the mood for exploring a city? Whatever the answer is, you will get in contact with another culture sooner or later, through the working environment. During this kind of abroad period probably you will notice both good aspects and negative ones, unlike your holiday stay.

In my opinion these are the five most visible differences when you are travelling:

1) Language: it is clear that not all the countries speak your language; on the contrary often it is completely unlike yours.

2) Climate: it could be colder, warmer, drier, and so on.

3) Food: it could be that the local taste is really different from yours, and also in the supermarkets you can find other items. It can happen that the eating habits (time, sweet or savoury, portions size…) differ as well.

4) Face traits: as you go through the diverse parts of the world you can notice many different sorts of skin, eye and hair colours.

5) Art: buildings could be decorated with different styles, or belong to another artistic period.

What are the things that have impressed you the most? Or the first thing that you have noticed while travelling?


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