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France is a country where trends and fashion are really important and have a huge following but they are also very changeable. Trends impact on every aspect of society and linguistics is no exception to this rule.

This taste for trends, changes and evolution has had an effect on the French language. Indeed, throughout their history, the French have been developing and using different kinds of slang and following various language trends.

However, if you are travelling to France in 2009, the new trend is the use of buzzwords. A buzzword is usually a word which is both an Anglicism and a neologism and is common to managerial, technical, administrative, and electronic work environments.

They are generally meant to impress the listener with the speaker’s pretense of knowledge but quite often lead to the opposite result and make sentences unintelligible.

So if you plan on going to France on a business trip, here are some of the buzzwords you should be able to master, but hurry up if you want to use them because they might not be around for too long!

Geek: person who seems to be obsessed with activities such as electronics, computing…

Digg-like: a social bookmarking site such as ClickMarks

Rétrolien: the French equivalent to a trackback

Template: a tool used to separate content from presentation in web design, and for the mass-production of web documents

ASAP: As Soon As Possible used by French businessmen

Baladodiffusion: the French word for podcasting

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