Trip for fun: the fashion of Italian theme parks

800px-MagicMountain_Gardaland_ScrewAs everybody knows, Italy is one of the destinations foreign tourists yearn for: it’s the civility and arts cradle, the temple of culture and fine cuisine. When it comes to planning one’s next holiday-trip, being it in summer or winter, the majority of foreign tourists choose one of our cities: the romantic Venice, the historical Florence, the sumptuous Rome or the beautiful Naples. Let’s admit it, there are very few places in Italy not worth paying a visit to, but more and more the tourists’ choice is turning from cities to theme parks. It is logical to think that, especially when you have very few days of vacation, it is extremely hard to plan a nice trip to a major Italian city, having so many things to see and practically no time to do it properly. That’s why some people like to combine the fascination of some maritime, lacustrine and small cities with the amusement that just a theme park can provide. Italy, unlike so many other countries, is rich in these kinds of parks.

So here’s a little review of some Italian theme parks which are usually crowded with foreign tourists, rather than just locals, and that draw people’s attention all around the world.

1 – Amusement parks. There are a lot of amusement parks spread through Italy, almost every Italian region has one. Regions like Veneto and Emilia Romagna take pride in the highest number of theme parks, particularly amusement parks. The number one Italian amusement park is Gardaland (situated on lake Garda’s shore, in Veneto), which contains amazing attractions for adults and children of all ages. The visitors are immersed in a parallel world, passing from a western village to the majesty of the Valley of the King, to pirates’ adventurous life in galleons. With theme restaurants, all sorts of carousels inspired by famous Disney animation movies, 4D cinemas, a variety of shows and a train that goes from one side of the park to the other, there’s no chance of getting bored, spending a funny and magical day. The second most important park is Mirabilandia (situated in Ravenna, Emilia Romagna), where a special 2×1 forfeit has been created, so that the visitor can enjoy himself for two entire days without spending a fortune.

2 – Dreaming about visiting all Italy? Then the Italia in miniatura is the theme park for you. Situated in Emilia Romagna, the central area of the park hosts over 270 scale models of Italian monuments, churches, palaces and squares; the whole thing is immersed in a natural environment represented by 5.000 small trees. All around its nucleus, a visitor can have fun with a lot of mechanical and themed attractions.

3 – Much more than a zoo. Lately, parks like the Zoosafari in Fasano (Puglia) and the SafariPark, in Pombia (Piemonte) are gaining more and more popularity. In these kinds of park, visitors can drive with their cars into an immense savannah-like environment, surrounded by all kinds of savage and non-savage animals; after that they can leave their car and walk between several paddocks with all species of animals, visit aquariums and terrariums, attractions for adults and children, immersed in nature.

4 – Aquatic parks and marine zoos. The most famous aquatic park is for sure the Aquafan in Riccione (Emilia Romagna), which hosts different typologies of pools, aquatic carousels and waterslides. Very interesting are also marine zoos: the 2 most important ones are Oltremare in Riccione and ZooMarine in Lazio, in which to be amazed by stunning shows with dolphins, seals and other aquatic animals and have fun with all the additional attractions that these kinds of park offer.

On this website you will be able to find all the various Italian theme parks, sorted by region:

Have fun planning your unconventional trip to Italy… you won’t regret it for sure!


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