Tune into Finnish music!

Being Finnish and meeting people from other countries, I’m always happy to offer glimpses into the Finnish culture from an insider’s point of view. And as for Finnish contemporary culture, I could not neglect music, as there are many great artists and bands around. Therefore, in the following post I’d like to introduce you to some Finnish music that’s worth listening to, in various genres.

In the pop genre: Ladies first – or actually, one lady: Chisu (in the photo). She has been called “the Arctic Madonna”, but apart from some similarity in their looks, it is actually not very relevant to compare the two pop divas. Chisu is a singer-songwriter who also produces her own music. With an expressive voice, poetic lyrics, and a recognizable style, it is no wonder that she has claimed the hearts of the public.

In the metal genre: Finland is the promised land of heavy metal bands, but if I had to pick one, it could only be HIM. Since their first hits in late 1990s, this heavy metal band from Helsinki has become one of the best-known Finnish bands internationally. The band itself describes the music with the term “love metal”, referring to a combination of metal music and lyrics dripping with sentimentality and romantic anguish. Especially recommended for teenagers and anyone with a dark side 😉

In the reggae genre: Jukka Poika, a pioneer of Finnish reggae, is known by practically everyone in Finland at the moment. The combination of reggae music and Finnish language might seem a little far-fetched, but it does work very well, as is proved by the big hits Jukka Poika has had in the last years. This music is best suited to the summertime: ideally, you should go to one of the numerous music festivals which take place in Finland in the summer, and see him live. Alternatively, you can listen to the music on your stereo and dream about next summer…

All in all, Finnish music is a whole world waiting to be discovered, so let my recommendations serve as an introduction and start exploring! Why not begin with the video below, which features one of the most famous songs from Jukka Poika. Tune in!


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