Tunisia, a touristic attraction

A land and culture as beautiful and diverse like Tunisia is bound to offer a varied platter of activities. From a sun drenched coast to the arid and mountainous inland, tourist attractions in Tunisia can complete anyone’s holiday.

So often Africa seems just out of reach, but really Tunisia is a short flight away for most Europeans. From Paris, Tunis is only two hours and from London Tunis is just over two hours and only one hour far from Rome.

Most holidaymakers to Tunisia stick to the stunning coastline. For over 1300 kilometres the heart of the Mediterranean Sea laps golden shores dotted by almost 800 hotels and thousands of sunbeds and parasols. The most famous resort areas along the white and gold coast include Hammamat as the forerunner followed by Sousse, Tabarka and Jerba.

Along the coastline water sports abound. You may prefer a quiet afternoon spent alongside the sea, but for those of you that desire something hotter, Tunisia is happy to satisfy your needs. Scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and more are all on offer from the greatly hospitable locals.

Perhaps you prefer a round of golf? Tunisia has that too. Port El Kantaoui is a mega resort built in the Andalusian style located 10km north of stunning Sousse where you can choose from 27 manicured and challenging holes. Whilst there, make a whole day of it! Play tennis, take a boat out from the busy port, have lunch al fresco, wander the cobblestone streets and relax on the beaches.

Discovering the history of Tunisia is absolutely a rewarding experience. The country offers hundreds of sites and museums associated with their early ancestors, both the conquerors and conquered. Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans, Punic and Arabs have all left their mark here.
Carthage is filled with amazing sites, many Punic and Roman. Dougga is home to an astounding 2nd Century Roman temple. El Jem’s coliseum is sister to Rome’s and Utica’s port is a Phoenician legacy. Sbeitla, Bulla Regia and Tunis all are home to interesting archaeological wonders.

More modern tourist attractions in Tunisia and architecture should also be added to your holiday to do list. The Tunis old city, also call a Medina or Sidi Bou Said is also one of the country’s most visited locales. Kairouan is the Muslim world’s 4th most holy city and is home of the Great Mosque.

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