Turkish Youth and Internet

Turkey is ranking 16th in the world with more other 16 million internet users and is mostly regarded as a growing online market. If we look at the recent Internet Report made by the Turkish Statistical Institute, it is noticeable that people in the age group 15-24 are the main internet users in Turkey with a percentage of 46 %. Young people use internet mainly for chatting in online chat rooms. They also spend a lot of time playing online games.

So it is not very surprising that Turkey have become the fourth biggest community in Facebook so quickly. Even people with no or little knowledge of English began to use Facebook in order to socialize or keep their contact with friends even though they were not the real target group for this product. Anyway, now, we have the Turkish version of Facebook and it is the second most visited page in Turkey according to Alexa. Other than that, young Turkish people very often visit blog sites like blogger.com and blogcu.com. They also like to visit video sites like Youtube and Izlesene.com a lot and finally, the collaborative hypertext Dictionary “Eksi Sozluk” is quite popular due to its user created and funny content.

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