Typical German! 6 hidden treats you have to know

Have you ever wondered what it means when your friends order a “Radler” at a restaurant? And after hearing the word “Radler”, have you ever wondered where the term comes from? This article lists 6 typical German things to not be clueless about when it comes to ordering drinks or food at a German restaurant. Read for yourself!



This drink is one of the most popular drinks among Germans. It is simple. You just mix beer with lemonade. Germans drink it for lunch or in the evenings in the beer garden. No one seems to know the exact origin of the word “Radler”. One source claims it to be invented by the British. Other sources trace it back to being used by cycling clubs. It is referred to as “Alsterwasser” or just “Alster” in Hamburg.



DE_Typical German_intext2

“Spezi” is a brand and the name of a common drink in Germany. The drink consists of Coca Cola and orange lemonade. Originally, the name “Spezi” was the name of a beer. Later on in 1972 it changed to the modern drink of Coca Cola and orange lemonade. Still today, “Spezi” is brewed in Augsburg/Bavaria and is often copied by other companies (eg. Mezzo Mix by Coca Cola).


Strammer Max

“Strammer Max” is the perfect Sunday breakfast or a good sDE_Typical German_intext3nack for in between. It is very simple. Just take a slice of dark bread, top it with ham and a fried egg. The dish is originally from Berlin cuisine but nowadays very popular all over Germany. The fried egg can also be topped with cheese, onions or tomato. Depending on the additional topping the name changes to “Strammer Moritz”, “Strammer Otto” or “Stramme Lotte”. “Stramm” literally means “sturdy” which refers to the flat slice of bread.



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Kiba is a popular drink among women because of its sweetness. You can´t guess from the name what it is, but if you order this drink at a restaurant you will know right away. It is a mix of banana and cherry (in German “Kirsche”: Kirsche + Banane = KiBa) juice. The typical marbling of the drink is a result of the varying density of the liquids. Make sure to fill in the cherry juice first. Otherwise the two juices will mix and you don´t get the typical red and white marbling.



A “Schorle” defines a drink which is usually mixed with sparkling water. The basis of these drinks are juices, but can also be wine. The most popular “Schorle” in Germany is probably the DE_Typical German_intext5“Apfelsaftschorle” which consists of apple juice and sparkling water. But also “Maracujaschorle” consisting of passion fruit juice and sparkling water is also quite typical in Germany. Additionally, you can mix wine with sparkling water making a “Weinschorle”. Normally only white wine is used for this type of drink. In Hessian apple cider is mixed with sparkling water or lemonade to make a “Gespritzer”.



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„Spätzle“ are well known to be a traditional side dish from Swabia. Nowadays, all Germans like “Spätzle” very much. The name is a minimization of the word “Spatz” which in English equals “little sparrows”. These noodles are eaten as a side to roasts of any kind or in combination with melted cheese. The dough consists of flour, eggs, warm water, and salt. The preparation is easy, so go ahead and try it out yourself!




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