Typical Mistakes by Turkish Students

In Turkey, English is regarded as vital in education and career, so it is no wonder that most people are interested in learning it. People start learning English at primary school and go on at high school and at the university.

However, in most educational institutions, language teaching methods are still not interactive enough and students tend to memorize the rules rather than to speak and live the language, so they usually do not manage to think in the language.

Here are five typical mistakes made by Turkish students while learning English. Let’s have a look at them:

1. I forgot my books at home.

You can forget something somewhere in Turkish but not in English, so direct translation does not work all the time. In English, we use the verb “leave”: “I left my books at home.”

2. It’s not important.

This is another direct translation from Turkish “Önemli değil”. People say this when someone thanks them. However, the correct expressions in English are “No problem”, “Not at all”, “You’re welcome”, etc. But, if you say “It’s not important” when somebody has thanked you, it sounds like you mean that saying thank you is not important.

3. Playing tennis is really funny.

“Fun” and “funny” are mostly confused. Something you enjoy is FUN. Something that makes you laugh is FUNNY. Playing tennis does not make you laugh. So we should say: “Playing tennis is really fun.”

4. I went to shopping.

You can go to Istanbul or to the Moon because they are “places”. However, you can not go to Shopping. Shopping is the gerund of the verb shop. Here you should say: I went shopping.

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