Uff! These Interjections!


Like in most languages, interjections in Hindi are most often a shout out to god or mother. The most famous interjections that an Indian mind would pop up with are the last words of our Beloved Mahatma Gandhi – Hey Ram. The god of victory and symbol of righteousness is one of the most favourite interjections that you will hear on the lips of irritated mothers, scandalized grandmothers, devastated fathers and the pensive youth. Hey Ram, Hai Ram, Ram Ram are all expressions used at times of dismay and disappointment. But since Ram is a Hindu god it must have Muslim equivalents, which quite simply are Hai Allah, Allah, etc.

When in great pain we usually look up to our mothers: Oh Maa, Uie Maa. Oh Maa is usually masculine while Uie Maa is very feminine. Feelings of quiet desperations and silent sufferings are expressed with a simple Haay. This goes well with a heavy sigh. Hai is also associated with another kind of sigh. When someone falls in love, or is taken aback by the beauty of someone, Haay comes naturally with a long sigh and a wistful look. Another interjection that is very commonly used is dhatt which is usually used to commonly used to reprimand somebody for saying something inappropriate.

Some other interjections that are very common in the interjection are Arey, Oye, Oh, Oho, uff, Waah. While Oh, uff and Oho are used to show annoyance, Waah is used in praise of something. Oye is used to call out to a peer while arey may be used in almost any context.

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