Universal Basic Income and Culture

In Brazil it will be implemented little by little, starting with Bolsa Família , in the Netherlands it will have a trial run in 2017 in Utrecht. Canada tried it out with “Mincome” decades ago, and in the NGO field, you can find with Give Directly’s work. Several different forms of direct money aid have been tried and researched in different parts of the world, always consistently showing positive results, and scientifically disproving the theory that “if you give them money they won’t fish” and “it will create a huge amount of lazy people” and similar propositions.

ENPT Basic Income_intext1

In Brazil we have an interesting paradox related to this, there is this adoration of Europe and the US and “the way they do things there”. Mostly because it seems to be working, however, when you move to Europe or the US you realize two important things:

  • The news about what is happening here rarely gets translated into Portuguese, and as we know not that many Brazilians speak or read English. (as exemplified by the links in this article)
  • The welfare systems in those countries has been in place for decades now, and all we can see are the fruits of the systems that we struggle to trust and implement in Brazil and other countries of the global south.

Also important to note about this Brazilian culture paradox, is the fact that Bolsa Família works, it helped raise millions into the middle-class income level, helped keep Brazilian economy heated during the 2008-9 crisis. It has also started an amazing revolution on domestic violence and women’s life quality, you see, the money from Bolsa Família is only delivered to the female head of the household, and this has made it possible for many of them to leave abusive relationships and care for their children.

Let’s have more information on these life changing ideas readily available in more languages!




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