Unusual Nights Out in Paris

On your trip to Paris, after having visited the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and all the famous places, you would like to spend the night doing something more unusual and get away from the tourists… Here are a few ideas for you!

At Le zéro de conduite, you will find a very unusual and refreshing atmosphere. Cartoons are shown on the TVs, you will drink your cocktails out of baby’s bottles, you will play games with the other people there and will win sweets and other small gifts. It is a perfect way of taking a break from the constant stress and rush of everyday life in Paris.

If you go to the Bibliothèque François Mittérand métro station (line 14), and then down towards the river Seine, you will find several barges which are actually bars or nightclubs. Each one is decorated differently, and, if you are lucky, there might even be a concert or salsa class… In any case, it is always nice to go for a drink on the river!

For an unusual dining experience, I would definitely recommend the restaurant Dans le Noir ?. It is a place created to give jobs and help the social acceptation of visually handicapped people. You will eat, drink, and spend the whole evening in the dark – you will also discover a lot about your sense of taste! You can even choose the “surprise menu”, for which you don’t know what you will be served (don’t worry if you are a vegetarian or if you have an allergy, you can tell the chef to make sure you really enjoy your meal).

Other unusual ideas
If you go to the English bookshop Shakespeare & Company, open from midday to midnight, you will find that it’s a very special kind of bookshop… Indeed, a number of beds will be waiting for you – feel free to settle down comfortably and read a book, or even take a nap. Isn’t that a nice way of improving one’s literary knowledge?

If you are in Paris at the time of the full moon, you might want to try to get your hair cut by the hair stylist Djelani Maachi. As hair is thought to grow better if cut on the night of the full moon, he opens his doors then and cuts people’s hair all night long! I have never been there personally, but I reckon it’s worth the try…

If you know of other such ideas, we’d love to hear from them!


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