Vienna in the four seasons

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and a beautiful place to visit or live in. It has about 1,8 million inhabitants and is Austria’s cultural, economic and political center. Until the beginning of 20th century it was the largest German-speaking city in the world, nowadays it is ranked as second. Just after the capital of Germany, Berlin.

Vienna is also nicknamed as The City of Music and The City of Dreams because it was home to the world’s first psychoanalyst – Sigmund Freud.

If you are thinking of moving to Vienna, you should definitely go for it! The city if well known for its high quality of life. According to the “Quality of Living Survey” held by Mercer, Vienna was ranked as first. And not only once, but for seven years in a row!

Let’s have a look what this picture square city offers during the whole year.

  1. Spring

Spring is here and it is a good opportunity to rent a bike and discover the city on your own. The city bikes stands are all over the city, so it is really easy to just grab a bike and go. If you cycle through the city centre ring, you will see all the main sights. For those who are Harry Potter fans, stop your bike and go inside the University of Vienna main building. It has a breathtaking architecture and staircases just like in Hogwarts.

EnCz Vienna intext 1

Not to forget, Vienna also offers a wide range of museums and exhibitions. Have a little break from all the cycling around and visit the Museums Quartier, where you will find different museums for everyone’s taste. Check their websites online, because some of them offer free entrance on specific days.

  1. Summer

Believe it or not, the weather in Vienna during summer is super hot! If you are planning on doing an internship there, check if your office has an air condition. However, do not forget that the city lies on the Danube river and therefore offers places to swim, chill and sunbathe. My favorite place is the Romawiese, which is quite close to the Donauinsel. If you have not heard about this island yet, let me tell you more. It is about 21 kilometers long and is perfect for a bike ride, swim, but mainly its Donauinselfest, which takes place at the end of June. This festival started in 1983 and lasts for 2 days. The cool thing is that the festival is completely free, so very good for students, who are on a budget most of the time. If you are not a festival fan, do not worry. The Danube canal, which is located in the city centre, offers many cool bars, restaurants and an artificial beach. Some of them have live music, so you can even go and dance a bit there.


  1. Autumn

Sacher torte

If you are in Vienna in September, then it’s worth it to go the Viennese Oktoberfest and experience the atmosphere of a Maß Bier and Wurst. Apart from that, it is nice to go to the amusement park – Prater, which is not as crowded as during summer. The main alley of Prater is lovely for a walk or a jog and as all the leaves turn red/brown and yellow, it is also a good spot to get a cheesy autumn picture for Instagram 😀 If you are visiting Vienna in late Autumn and you are a bit cold, do not miss out the opportunity to visit one of many Viennese cafés. Vienna is popular for its coffee culture and has many cool, hipster or artistic cafés. I would definitely recommend the Viennese traditional Mélange – which is a coffee with milk and frothy foam on the top. Some of you might say that it is just a classic cappuccino… ehm it is not! Mélange is typical only for Austria and was invented in 1830 in Vienna. For those with a sweet tooth, there is a Sachar Torte or an Apple Strudel, which go well with a cup of Mélange.

  1. Winter

Merry Christmas from Vienna.

Christmas markets have become quite popular among tourists in the past years. More and more cities are offering various markets with different attractions and food. Vienna is not an exception. You can choose from about 20 official Christmas markets in the city. If you are too busy over the Christmas period, but would like to enjoy ´the winter spirit´, then go to the square in front of the City Hall. Every year from end of January till the beginning of March, there is a big ice rink. You can borrow skates and enjoy the ride through the park. It has 2 big ice rinks, which are connected with various paths. If you are looking for a break and you want to warm yourself up, then keep your skates on and grab a cup of hot chocolate or Glühwein from one of the stalls in the Winter Eistraum village.

Vienna is a magnificent city worth the visit all year long. In my opinion, the city center has this posh, emperor atmosphere, with all the horse carriages and beautiful buildings. On the other hand, just few tube stops away, you can chill in the meadow, leaving all the cosmopolitan city vibes behind you. And that is what I really do like about Vienna. For me, it is a city of many faces.

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