Virgin Anne’s Street – the Danish Reeperbahn

In Germany they have Reeperbahn; in Denmark we have Virgin Anne’s Street. By locals it is also known as “the street”. The street is located in the heart of the Danish city Aalborg, and it is one of the most famous streets in Denmark.

Aalborg is located in Northern Jutland, and it is Denmark’s fourth largest city with a population of 126,556 inhabitants. It is a university city so a larger part of the population consists of a younger generation. The city is visited by a lot of tourists every year, and some of them come just to visit the famous party street.

The street has existed since the end of the 15th century and is named after a Danish nun, Ane Viffert. For 200 years the street was just a regular street with houses that were the home of merchants. The street still bears the mark of that time, as the houses are old and beautiful.

The street was not known as a party street until the 1960’s when the first bar was opened, Gaslight. Gaslight is still there, and it is one of the oldest bars in Denmark. At the end of 1970 there were 10 more bars and restaurants in the street, and in 1992 the number had increased to 26.

Virgin Anne is a 150 metres long street with restaurants, bars and pubs. It is a side street to one of Aalborg’s shopping streets, so business wise it is a perfect location, as it attracts a lot of people not only during the night, but also during the day.

The street is a popular place for both the Danish people, especially the locals, and tourists because of the lively atmosphere. During the day people will go there to eat at one of the many restaurants or cafes, but as soon as darkness falls it will be filled with young people walking up and down the street having a good time with their friends. The street is also famous for the bars that are known for playing their type of music and the locals have a favorite bar where they come every weekend.

Do you have a street like Virgin Anne in your country?


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