Visual language

In today´s world we encounter logos, brands and graphic signs everywhere and at every time. When you walk in the street in an average city you will see hundreds of visual elements on buildings, in shops and in public transportation. All these elements build a visual language by which they want to communicate with you.

The video below perfectly shows how many visual stimuli we see when we go somewhere, by train for example. The video, called Kapitaal, is made by Studio Smack for the Graphic Design Museum in the Dutch city of Breda. Everyone who is familiar with traveling in the Netherlands will surely recognize some things. But the video could have been shot in any other city in Europe, as many of the brands are international.

The video is just black and white and shows what a normal traveler or commuter sees everyday when his train leaves the train station. Before he has left the station he has already been bombed by dozens of logos, brands and pictograms, which all scream for attention, whether it is to buy a certain product or to go in a certain direction. In the video the logos stand out even more, because of the strong black and white contrast.

Just watch this very nice video and see if you recognize the visual signs. The animation video has been rewarded with prizes in several Dutch and international film festivals.

If the video below doesn´t work, just click here.


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