Volunteering abroad

Volunteer work is an amazing opportunity to combine your willingness to face new challenges with a passion for community work. Volunteering abroad involves working for NGOs in many different fields such as cultural education, environmental awareness, social entrepreneurship, community development. This kind of experience takes you further out of your comfort zone and offers far greater rewards.

Being a volunteer has tremendous advantages and also offers you a truly unique experience. I had a chance to be a volunteer for 3 months doing a wonderful internship in Mendoza in Argentina working for VALOS, a well-recognized Corporate Responsibility NGO. This organization promotes the creation of genuine business values economic, social and environmental to contribute to the sustainability of the companies in Mendoza.

Many people look for volunteer programs due to the fact that this kind of experience can cause a positive impact on their personal growth. When they return from abroad most of the volunteers feel more independent, more adventurous and more courageous. In fact, one more obvious reason why people volunteer is because they find something they are interested in and have a desire to do something good for others.

By the way, I would like to mention how many benefits you may get once you are a volunteer:

1) It’s a truly unique learning experience considering the fact that you will be interacting with new cultures, trying new food, meeting new people, learning or speaking new languages. Besides that I would also say that as a volunteer you will get a real impression of the local culture.

2) An opportunity to develop your skills, build up your CV and explore the world.

3) Make a change in people’s life, help to preserve the nature or teach the local population how to use their resources wisely.

4) International volunteering experience can impact your career and make an enormous difference to a less prosperous community.


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