Vote for your favourite blog in Bloggers Abroad 2017

We are pleased to announce that the time for voting in the Bloggers Abroad ’17 competition has arrived!
100 bloggers from all over the world have gathered to participate in our annual event!

Perhaps you will support your favourite blog or maybe vote for a newcomer on the list. Either way, check out our nominated blogs and vote now on Bloggers Abroad page.

If you feel like promoting your blog even more, you can add the code to our button on your blog. You will find it under the map on Bloggers Abroad page.

The voting will be open until the 21st of March and we will be announcing the results on the 24th of March.

Just a reminder, the prizes will be provided by:

  • The action camera RedLeaf SJ5000+ by Redleaf for the best blog
  • The bags that express more than 1000 words by Chatterbags for TOP 10 blogs

Finally, good luck to all the fantastic bloggers and thank you all for getting involved- we hope this motivates you all to keep being inspired by travel and language-learning!

We are counting on you and your vote! team!

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