Vote for your favourite TLL blog!

The voting phase of the Top Language Lovers 2015 has finally begun! After you all enthusiastically and richly nominated inspiring and fun language learning blogs, and Lexiophiles now invite you to vote for your absolute favourite blogger, facebooker, YouTuber or twitterer.

This year again, the TLL competition receives a lot of attention from all the language lovers among you. TLL15 was on social media lips and as a result, we received a lot of nominations. Out of the many (984 to be exact!) engaging blogs, we made pro category a list of the best nominated 100 blogs.

Here you’ll find in each category 100 of the most interesting and captivating language learning blogs and pages. Now it’s your job to look for your favourite blog and click on the Vote Button.

You can cast your vote from May the 26th until June the 14th at 23:59 CET.

The final results will be published on on June the 17th.



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