Want to learn Dutch? Try this!

We all know that the best way to learn a language is to actually use it. But what if you can’t find somebody to practice your Dutch with? You can still listen! Here are ten songs in Dutch to help you get started.

Het is een nacht – Guus Meeuwis

This song is about a sneaking off to a hotel in a different city for a night you’d only see in movies. Learn this one by heart, because I have yet to meet the first native speaker of Dutch who can’t sing along.

Jimmy – Boudewijn de Groot

What would a list of songs in Dutch be without a song about riding your bike in terrible weather? Nothing.

Banger hart – Rob de Nijs

Poor Rob is afraid that his girl will leave him, so he made the most upbeat song about it.

Iedereen is van de wereld – The Scene

The song in this list with the best message: this world belongs to everybody. Absolutely everybody.

Parijs – Kenny B

This song proves that not all good Dutch music is old. Kenny B is from Suriname and has the typical accent. This may be a little harder for language learners to understand, but a song asking you to speak Dutch must be included in this list.

The following five songs are by Flemish artists. Although their official language is also Dutch, it sounds just a little different. Music is a good way to get acquainted with the diversity in Dutch language.

Daar gaat ze – Clouseau

Clouseau is Flanders’ most popular band. As you can tell from the video, they have been around for a while but they still sell out the country’s biggest concert hall. This particular song is about a woman so graceful even the police doesn’t care if she parks in the wrong spot.

Chaos – Bazart

Bazart have been taking Flanders by storm this summer. They haven’t even released their first album yet, but they are considered Belgium’s next big thing.

Dag vreemde man – Ann Christy

This song is from 1978 and you may notice that it sounds more like the Dutch songs. This is because entertainment in Flanders used to be in standard Dutch, but that has changed in the last two decades or so.

Mia – Gorki

“Only Elvis continues to exist.” Well, this song about how we all struggle but carry on anyway, is also a true classic.

Lepeltjesgewijs – Bart Peeters

This song is about spooning. That’s all.

I could easily have made this list twice as long. There are many more Dutch and Flemish artist for you to discover. Whatever type of music you like, you should be able to find some of it in Dutch. Enjoy!

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