Weather idioms


In Russian language idiom is generally a colloquial metaphor which requires some foundational knowledge, information, or experience, to use only within a culture where parties must have common reference. Idioms are therefore not considered a part of the language, but rather a part of the culture. As cultures are typically localized, idioms are often not useful outside of that local context.

The topic of weather is very popular among people living in Russia; consequently the amount of idioms about weather is also very significant.

The majority of idioms characterize either very low or very high temperatures. Bad weather is another very important source of idioms.

Talking about low temperatures there are several idioms that characterize it; however the most vivid one has Ukranian roots meaning “to be frozen as a puppy”. Замерз как цуцик is a very commonly used idiom in Russian speaking world.

On the other side, extremely high temperatures are described by the idioms characterizing hell. Жарко как в аду is a very popular idiom that can be translated as hot as in hell. The roots of the idiom come from the historical development of the nation. Russians in its majority are Christians with traditional for Christianity beliefs. The populist perception of hell usually implies burning places with high temperatures.

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