Weird things Russians do – part 1

If you’ve been to Russia or have Russian friends you sure have noticed some differences in the way Russians act. Here are a couple of things Russians do that usually baffle foreigners!

  1. Dressing up to go shopping

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If you come to Russia you’d be surprised to see how many women actually wear high heels, festive dresses and full make up for basically any occasion like going to the mall. Russian women love to dress up and look “expensive”, especially in small towns. On the contrary, it’s baffling how little attention Russian men pay to their look.

  1. Talking philosophy in the kitchen

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Kitchen is the most beloved spot in a Russian household and the place where all family members get together. When they have some guests over it’s very common to stay up late drinking black tea or vodka and talking about life and death and other deep philosophical problems. Russians even have a joke about a national way to say good bye. It’s when you say your do svidaniya dozens of times in attempt to live and just end up sleeping over.

  1. Making complex and long toasts

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A lot of foreigners think Na zdorovye means Cheers in Russian, which is actually not true. Russians only use Na zdorovye to say You’re welcome when somebody thanks you for food. That’s it. If you’re going to drink with your Russian friends prepare yourself for long and complex toasts with anecdotes and life stories. You can get away with Za zdorovye (To health!) but it’s the laziest and most boring toast ever.

  1. Sitting around before trips

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It’s a very old Russian superstition to quietly sit around for a minute right before you leave home to go on a trip. It’s supposed to bring good luck. And yes, Russians really do it.

  1. Fully replying to How are you?

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It takes a long time to get used to the fact that Russians give you a full report on their life if you ask them How are you? An honest and extensive answer is due. If you want to cut it short you might try So how is life, everything fine? But you might just as well just embrace the tirade that comes your way.



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