Weird things Russians do – part 2

Let’s pick up right where we left off and start with the second part of Weird things Russians do:

  1. Treating cheap things with distrust

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Russians are usually very suspicious of everything that’s cheap or on sale. It is very common to believe that good quality goods must be quite pricey. That’s why free stuff is also generally considered just not cool. Thrift stores and second-hand shops are not popular and only frequented by people who really cannot afford buying new things.

  1. Seeming impolite on most occasions

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The things that tourists notice as soon as they touch down in Russia is how angry and snobbish Russians seem. Russian people don’t really smile at strangers, moreover, if you spot someone looking at you and smiling you’d want to check your fly or make-up. That also pertains to saying thank you and please – you will not hear many of these too, sometimes people use these words ironically as to let you know they are actually angry with you. And please bear in mind that if someone starts talking to you with I’m sorry to bother you then it is most likely a beggar…

  1. Separation according to sex at family gatherings

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Yes, it is still a very common thing. When all family members gather to celebrate some uncle’s birthday and a cousin’s wedding, people automatically hang out in groups separated according to their sex. Girls mostly stay in the kitchen helping out cutting the salads or taking off plastic wraps of numerous entrée plates as long as men talk about current political events, work, and life in general sipping on drinks.

  1. Living with their parents

2010  Freshmen Orientation: Lafayette College Freshmen Orientation Move In

It is not customary in Russia to move out of your parents’ house when you start college (unless you’re moving to a different place, of course). It seems unreasonable to pay rent for your own place as long as you can still stay at your folks’. When people start their own family they are likely to stay at one of the parent’s places as long as they are saving up for a place of their own. Russian people are not big on renting places, so everyone’s wet dream is to own one.

  1. Drinking a lot of vodka

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Now, this may come as no surprise. It is not a myth, Russians really do drink a lot of vodka. But why? Apart from vodka being a national drink we shouldn’t forget about the prices. Vodka is the cheapest hard liquor by far, sometimes even cheaper than wine. A standard 0,75l vodka bottle (not the fancy one) would cost you unbelievable $6 whereas average whisky bottle, for instance, would cost you $19.2.

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