More-than-ever loving your words – Welcome to the New LexioPhiles!

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Good Monday, everyone! We have exciting news for you!
As you noticed from your first look, LexioPhiles has a new face now! Our team has been working hard on gathering suggestions from our readers and giving the blog a new, more practical and exciting look! We hope you all enjoy it!

And as we all know well, no one should judge a book only by its cover – which means that the changes we have been planning also involve the content of the page. In the new LexioPhiles you will find exciting updates in our articles, and some of them will arrive sooner than you think!

No more TGIF – Our series of articles bringing you nice movies, funny videos and cool songs on Fridays will no longer happen, but we will often keep on giving you suggestions on nice movies to see from all parts of the world with our LexioPhiles Movie Reviews, along with more exciting and themed collections of songs, videos and pictures!

An exciting Calendar – Pay attention to some articles and check the countries that the author is from, because we will stick to some very important holidays and traditions from them, with interesting curiosities from different cultures.

Social Media is on – If you wish to be more present on our articles, fear not – from now on, LexioPhiles will dedicate special days to show all the love from our readers! Keep up with our posts and you can see your tweets, Instagram pictures, Vines and many other ways of interaction!

These are only a few of the new features of LexioPhiles, but we won’t spoil all the fun for you. Stay tuned and enjoy the new page! And as always, feel free to tell us what you think about the new page!

With love,

The LexioPhiles team.

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