What a wonderful world of colours!

What colour are you wearing today? In this article you will discover something about your today’s mood 🙂

Every colour has a particular meaning according to the culture, in Italy for example:

Green is the colour of hope
Yellow and orange are meant as energetic
Red has different meanings: it could be associated with passion or with blood. Besides, this is the colour used for graduation bows
White is related to pureness and is also used for weddings
Black is sometimes perceived as negative, for example when used at funerals, but on the other hand it can represent elegance (if you think about clothes or shoes)
Pink is the colour of girls, especially when they are kids
Light blue is the one for boys (mainly children)
Purple is considered as a bad luck colour when you wear it at weddings, but else is a fashionable one in the latest years

In other cultures their meanings can be really different, for instance in China red is representing good luck and is accepted in weddings because it stands for joy and happiness.

In Japan blue is associated with cleanliness and purity, as the water surrounding the islands. In addition to that blue is considered as a feminine colour, so when Japanese women wear it they want to show their purity.

In India colours are very important as they have a specific role in the religion (for example see Holi, the festival of colours). In the Indian culture red stands for purity and it’s the preferred colour for a bride’s garment. On the contrary, white, the absence of colour, is the only allowed for widows and represents death.

In western countries, and especially for women, the season decides what colour is the most suitable. In winter the preferred one is black and all the dark colours, as brown and grey, and it’s not likely to see a yellow sweater or an orange one. You also wouldn’t expect a woman to wear red trousers.

During summer all the brightest colours are accepted, and they represent the typical summer cheerfulness and energy.

What is favourite colour? Which meaning does it have in your culture? Do you have more examples of the colours meaning? Share your thoughts with us!


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