What can we learn from the summer hits?

It´s time to face it. The summer is unfortunately starting to come to an end and it´s now time to start to remind ourselves what summer hits have been playing during the summer. Think about it. Every summer there are a couple of hits that get stuck in our minds, often with a Latino touch instead of the usually English lyrics. And each time there are one or two sentences from the songs that you walk around and can´t get out of your head. So why not take advantage of that and at least learn what they sing about? This can be a very efficient way of learning a new language as discussed in an earlier Lexiophiles article.

Who doesn´t remember the super hit Macarena by Los del Rio? It had its breakthrough back in 1996 where we both learned a new dance and the phrase: “Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena”!
And the translation of it? “Give happiness to your body”! A similar Latino-styled summer hit was Aserejé by Las Ketchup that also taught us a new dance together with a chorus that unfortunately doesn´t mean anything… However, the last couple of years it haven´t been the Spanish songs that have been dominating the summer charts and made us sing along without having a clue what we sing. Currently it’s the Portuguese hits that have got stuck in our ears. It started a few years ago with “Rap das armas” which is a song about different kinds of guns. “Rap das armas” actually translates into “Weapons rap” in English. Also this song has a meaningless but very catchy chorus.

Parapapapapapapapa! This summer the Portuguese hits totally took over the charts and radio stations. Starting with Michael Telo´s song “Ai se eu te pego”, then Gustavo Lima with “Balada (Tche tche tchere)” and finally Alex Ferrari’s “Bará Bará Bere Bere”. So what does “Nossa, nossa, Assim você me mata, Ai, se eu te pego, Ai, ai, se eu te pego” mean? A direct translation of it is: “Wow, wow, you’re gonna kill me that way, ah when I get my hands on you, ah when I get my hands on you!” Not to forget, this song also includes a dance that might make the learning process easier. You can learn more about the lyrics with this quiz.
If you want to get the most out of your language learning through music, have a look at this blogpost, which gives some very helpful tips.

What songs do you remember from this summer? Which one is your favorite from the past?


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