What do young Spanish speakers in Internet?

Many researches show the most important web sites visited by young people: differences between guys and girls, when and how much time they spend. Answers can be obvious, but sometimes are also contradictories.

First young people use Internet to check emails and to keep in touch with friends in the country as well as abroad. Then people use it to search information for school. Entertainment web sites come in third place and finally, downloading files such as music, videos and movies.

Downloading files could be considered as a main activity in Internet. In fact, some researches, such as that one made by the newspaper elpais.es, show the Spaniards as the leaders worldwide. Could this be true? Shouldn’t be the Japanese or Americans?

Young people in Latin America are also actives in this sense. In Argentina for instance, one of four cybernauts download videos; this activity has increased in 80%. In Colombia, there’s a law that allows this activity; therefore, users are more confident to download files. The Mexican people also prefer music and videos as well as people in other countries.

Games on lines are a favorite activity among guys, because no download process is needed and also because there’s the possibility to play against users from many countries.

One of the most important aspects about internet is that lost of young people say that they have improved their English level in order to surf better in Internet.

And you? How do you spend your time on line?

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