What does your second identity tell about you?

We live in the digital age, more and more people have internet access, millions are connected to a social media site in this exact moment, billions browse the net at the same time. I’m sure many of us have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin profile. In these sites we continuously share many of our thoughts, sometimes really personal ones, small and meaningful moments of our lifes. On different sites we have a complete profile online, which is somehow the digital reflection of our identity, it’s kind of a digital footprint. If you type your name to Google, among the many other results you can find a half of your life online. Or not?
Social ego

Let’s stop for a moment. Are you really that person who I can see on my monitor? As far as I’m concerned, with or without purpose many people want to make themselves see a specific kind of a person e.g. bussinesman, an animal friend or a partyface. If you look around any of the social sites and choose randomly one of your friends, I’m sure you can say at least one typical attribute. And we always try to confirm this characteristic. But the question that would come here is: Why we all do this?

It’s hard to answer. Maybe it’s a social pressure to somehow fit into or outstand from our communities. Some really do this without any purposes and just flow with the waves and new trends. The other ones have strategies for what is called personal branding or self branding. With the help of some self-branding techniques you can control a little bit of what people actually see about you. Sometimes we can meet our friends online who have a totally different character in real, but without the barriers of reality and with the freedom of the internet they can just develop a digital personality.

But can we really identify ourselves with the person who we see online? Or does our second identity influence us in the real world? Tricky questions. I think the most important thing is to be aware of your second identity and control it because in the real world it can cause many unconviences to your first one.


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