What to do for the New Year’s in Germany?

Being in Germany to celebrate the holidays this year, not only means visiting different Christmas markets. If you are thinking of spending the New Year’s Eve, we invite you to celebrate it like a German, and to spend the night in an original, different and fun way before partying. Here we share some of the German traditions.

The first is the game of Bleigießen, which is done after you have made the traditional toast. People gather at the table to know the predictions or what lies in the New Year. They melt lead #(Blei) # http://es.bab.la/diccionario/aleman-ingles/blei placed on a spoon with the help of the light of a candle and then throw the melted lead into a bowl with cold water so it hardens and acquires a particular shape. Each person should try to determine what that figure means, it can be done with the help of a list the Bleigießen kit contains, with some meanings of forms, but it is even more fun to guess or predict the special meaning of the form of the lead piece. If you get a flower shape it may mean that you will find new friends; form of heart, love will come to you, and many others that we let you discover for yourself. In Germany you can get your Bleigießen kit in any large supermarket or department store. They say that this practice to melt lead was introduced by the Romans, who were experts in metal melting.

The second tradition to do on a New Year’s Eve is watching the movie “Dinner for One”, a British sketch (11 min). The story is about a woman (Miss Sophie) who celebrates her 90th birthday with her butler (James) and several friends who are not there because they have died. During the celebration dinner the butler takes the place each of the lady’s friends. It is a classic that you can see on several television channels in English with German subtitles, something suitable for those who do not speak German fluently. We suggest you watch on the night of the 31st of December in the company of your family and friends.

Among other traditions to perform in Germany is leaving a bit of each dish until after midnight to ensure you have plenty of food for the upcoming year. Germans also eat the traditional raclette cheese (melted cheese) for dinner. Cabbage and carrots are also meals to bring financial stability. Besides all this the New Year firework shows in Germany are really huge and impressive.

When the clock strikes 12, people are seen hugging, kissing and wishing each other “Gutes Neues Jahr” or “Happy New Year” while the bells of the churches ring.

Which tradition of welcoming the New Year in Germany is your favorite?


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