When being abroad equals being at home: Expatriates worldwide

More people than ever are living abroad, which is one of the reasons that more and more people speak multiple languages. But how many people are living abroad exactly?

While browsing the web we found some interesting expatriate statistics on the expatriate portal Just Landed. According to them, more than 200 million people will be living outside their home country in 2010. In developed countries, almost 10% of the total population are already foreigners, and there are also more and more people from developed countries moving abroad. This seems to pay off not only in experience, but also financially: On average, people living abroad earn expatriate salaries that are significantly higher than the earnings of their fellows who stay at home.

Source: Justlanded.com

The portal offers more information & guides on about 40 expatriate destinations, including articles on housing, visas and employment options and an expat community to meet new friends. Definitely worth a visit.

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