When words meet long term memory: a love story

Those of you familiar with our LexioPhiles-articles, and I am sure that this is all of you, know that our hearts beat for languages above all else. Even so, there are a few things that we don’t like so much about learning languages – one of which is learning vocabulary and repeating this procedure again and again. Of course, it’s an indispensable part of studying, but it can be tiring and frustrating. I don’t know how many trees have died enabling my attempt to cram words into my memory by writing them down. And honestly, I prefer not to know. However, being born with a sieve where other people find their brain, I simply had no choice until today.

But I should stop beating around the bush – we’d like to share something with you. But before we do, the “Shameless Self-Advertising Mode” needs to be switched on: Okay, done, here it is:

We almost never talk about bab.la, the language portal behind LexioPhiles, in our articles. Without it we would not exist, but we generally try to keep the two as separate entities. This is a special circumstance though, whose mention would benefit all language lovers, so we will make an exception and post the following announcement:

True love for words lasts a lifetime – introducing bab.la’s new Vocabulary Lessons:

bab.la has just launched a new Vocabulary Lessons feature which we would like to recommend to you. It’s a collection of free online flashcard exercises for everyone. As per usual, bab.la invites all of you to participate in a big way. bab.la’s language experts contribute their own lessons of course, but users are welcomed to publish their own as well. In this way, you can learn the necessary vocabulary for work, university, vacation or school; at the same time you can put some cool words from your favorite show online for others to learn. You have the opportunity to make your voice heard on all levels. You can evaluate everything, and you may vote against anything you don’t like. Kind of the same principle as we have here on LexioPhiles. No matter if your comments contain appraisal or criticism, we post them all! (except spam). Okay then, before I turn off the “SS-AM”, I’ll give you the link:


Let us know if you like it, and send any suggestions our way (lexiophiles[at]bab.la)! Maybe you’ve got some great ideas for lists with the best sayings or crazy colloquial expressions for the language community. And surely, if you create an outstanding list one day, we’ll look forward to writing an interesting LexioPhiles-article on it.

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