White Muscat of Red Stone — The King of Muscat

“Where there is no wine — a heart is closed”

Red Stone Rock is a red rock in Gurzuf Valley on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, near the city of Yalta. Due to the unique nature of climate and soil of Crimea, one of the most valuable varieties of grapes grows around Red Stone, on the small plantation that is only 66 hectares in size, Tamjanika or White Muscat. For more than 60 years the Massandra Winery has used it to produce sweet muscatel liqueur wine White Muscat of Red Stone, known not only in Russia but worldwide.

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The history of White Muscat of Red Stone starts in 1944. “Patriarch of the Soviet wine”, one of the most talented winemakers of his time, Alexander Egorov noted that the white muscat growing in this region has a unique taste. He decided not to mix the grapes harvested around Red Stone with other elite Crimean grapes and tried to produce a different sort of wine. In 1944 he succeeded and a masterpiece of classical winemaking was created – White Muscat of Red Stone, a unique wine with captivating bouquet and noble taste.

The production process is not so simple. Grapes must reach a natural sugar content of not less than 29%, and only after that it can be harvested. Between 1991 and 2005, the grapes gained the necessary level of sugar content only 4 times! But the harvest of 2005 is considered to be nearly perfect. The young wine ages for two years in the special oak casks in the cellar of the Massandra Winery.

The number of awards collected by White Muscat of Red Stone in various international tasting exhibitions, proves not only its high quality, but also the global recognition. This dessert wine in its 60 year history has managed to collect 21 gold medal, three “Grand Prix” Cups and one “Super Grand Prix”; two times it was named the best in the world. In 1960 the Massandra Winery produced two hundred liters of wine specially for the British Queen Elizabeth II.

But do not rely only on the review. The best you can do is to come to Crimea, to see the beautiful nature of this peninsula, to swim in the warm sea and to enjoy a glass of White Muscat of Red Stone. Only then you can truly appreciate this wine.



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