Who says you can’t have fun on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while some people struggle with finding the right present for their partner, others never seem to get weary of publicly announcing their annoyance about the nonsense by the name of Valentine’s Day on Facebook.

The King of cheesy Valentine’s Day presents: the Love Teddy Bear

Indeed, one out of three Germans does not care about Valentine’s Day, and almost one out of ten finds it annoying. And that even though, contrary to the widespread belief that it is nothing but an invention to improve sales in the otherwise slow post-Christmas time, the Valentine’s day does have historical roots.

But regardless of whether you are an opponent or proponent, single or in a relationship – the following funny videos allow you to approach the 14th of February while having a good laugh. Enjoy!

1. Sometimes everything goes wrong:

2. A little boy surprises on Valentine’s Day

3. Valentine’s Day is perfect for pranks, too:


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