Why A Homestay Abroad Might Be The Fastest Way To Learn A Language

Learning a language doesn’t have to mean sitting in a classroom for hours upon end. Sure, drilling grammar into your brain is important, but going abroad to live with a host family will make language learning fun as well as fast. Consequently, here are some reasons why living with a local host family is one of the most efficient ways to learn a language.

You will immerse in the local culture

Learning a language through cultural immersion is far more enriching than memorising words from a textbook. By taking in the sights, sounds and smells of a country, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the language is used in daily life. What’s more, living with a local means being shown the best spots for eating, drinking and sightseeing – allowing you to practice your new tongue in the cultural context.

You will be surrounded by native speakers

Conversing with natives on a daily basis will improve your skills immensely. As well as this, interacting with locals will introduce you to the gestures, idioms and traits associated with the language, which will gradually teach you how to speak like a native. Being forced to speak the language in supermarkets, cafes and restaurants will also help to build your confidence – which is often half the battle.

You will forge new friendships

Living with a local host means you will forge new connections and friendships leading to a more personalised language learning journey. As well as this, these new friendships will make the whole experience more memorable – making it more likely that you will continue to learn back home.

You will give back to the local community

Living with a host will be an enriching experience for both parties. Not only will you develop your knowledge of their country and culture, but you will also teach them about yours too. What’s more, some study abroad programs such as the Abroadwith ‘Tandem Immersion’ enable you to undertake a language exchange with your host. As a result, arranging a tandem homestay means you can give back to the locals, while also saving money on accommodation by offering up your skills.

Living with a local host is undoubtedly the fastest way to learn a language. In comparison to classroom or online learning, living with a native speaker allows you to experience the surrounding culture – which is the secret ingredient to mastering a language quickly. Not only that, choosing a homestay abroad means you will develop new cultural knowledge, memories and friendships – which will stay with you long after you board the plane home.

The article written by Kayleigh from Abroadwith team.

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