Why do people get so involved in TV-shows?

Well, I would be happy to tell you why. I am one of those fangirls, and proudly so. The initial reason for watching a certain TV-show should always be because it fits your interest and you would actually like to watch something new and exciting, or because a friend is dragging you into it. That is how it usually works. Then after a while you start realizing that it is actually really nice to follow the weekly activities of your favourite characters. So you keep watching. The moment you realize you have more time to invest in more shows [BE AWARE, this might ruin your social life], you will be challenged to find more compatible shows and in the same way get more and more attached to a certain storyline, a certain character or even a very special chemistry between two characters (these are the best).

NL Tvshows cover1Personally I have 22 TV-shows on my list, of which most are from the American broadcasting networks. All of which are precious in their own ways and at different levels. Although I really enjoyed watching these shows, it has also helped me improve my English. Watching TV-shows from these American networks (and the need to be up to date with all these shows all the time), does not always give the possibilities for subtitles. Me, being Dutch, no matter how long I waited I would probably never have the opportunity to watch with subtitles.. But there are TV-shows that after a day or 3 are offered with Spanish, German or Italian subtitles, but if you’re really involved with the TV-show it is supposed to be impossible to wait that long, if it doesn’t then you’re not a true fan 😉

Anyhow, watching these shows without subtitles forces you to listen to a language more carefully and although you might not really get it all at first, it is no punishment to watch an episode twice. After a while you’ll get used to the terminology they use or to an accent that might be different from what you are used to.
Being a true fan of all these shows, I’m experiencing a horrible 2/3 weeks. All the shows have ended or are coming to an end, to only continue in September or October. It is heart-breaking. Especially with some ‘possible fatalities’, which are situations in which the fate of the character is left open at the end of a season finale, only to find out in September whether they made it or not.

If you are a fan like me and you want to stay up to date on these so called May Sweeps, check this amazing website that gives you an insight on what has been and what’s still to come on this years’ season finales. [SPOILER ALERT] For all you out there who are not up to date on their TV-shows, be careful, this might give some heartbreaking information that you don’t want to know without having seen the episode. Good luck to all you fans out there! Be strong!


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